Chinese Character Tattoos – Translation and Meanings

Chinese Character Tattoos - Translation and Meanings
The beauty and mystery of Chinese symbolism is what many people want to have a Chinese tattoo. Chinese culture, what it is today with its thousands of years of myths and legends, with the result that many Chinese proverbs are drawn into the human skin.

There are many forms of Chinese tattoo, one of the most popular ones are the Chinese dragon, which, in contrast to Western beliefs, the symbol of good omen or good luck and prosperity. Another popular Chinese tattoo is a tattoo of the flower, lemon, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, and probably the most famous of all the lotus, the Buddhists recognized worldwide as a symbol of the Holy See of the Buddha. For the Chinese people, the lotus flower symbolizes purity and perfection.

Chinese Character Tattoos - Translation and Meanings
At enormous enthusiasm is a tattoo of Chinese characters from celebrities such as the famous English soccer player David Beckham, recently unveiled an ancient Chinese proverb tattooed on his chest that reads: “Death and life, dates determined by wealth and honor depend on heaven ..” tattoo in a signed script of the ancient herb that is native to most Chinese, almost unreadable, but as with all the tattoos that his goal is that it means something, and you alone.

Chinese Character Tattoos - Translation and Meanings
Writing Chinese characters is an art form, and with estimates of more than 50,000 characters still quite often incorrect translations. To go very often people with a fear that the tattoo shop with his Chinese tattoo design and let sit for life with something as something completely different than what I had in mind can be translated scarred.

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